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Tue, Mar 21

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Tuesday 21 March 2023

(Time, Rx2, Rx3)
Double Unders

*On the Dash complete 6 (5 dashes)
Full Snatches (135/95).

Rx2 :30 DU practice | 95/65
Rx3 2.1 SU | Power snatch and OverHead Sq to a target.

0% 0%

1st12:05 Rx2Nichole Today!
2nd14:55 Rx3Kay Today!
3rd15:27 Rx3Angela C Today!
1st19:02 RxBen Ba Today!
2nd16:42 Rx2Jacob Br Today!
3rd13:00 Rx3Dan Today!

Kay14:55 Rx3
Jacob Br16:42 Rx2
DeVonna16:00 Rx3
Lori A17:01 Rx3
Phillip A18:50 Rx3
Angela C15:27 Rx3
Dan13:00 Rx3
Justin Fe15:00 Rx3
Caity17:36 Rx3
Corey15:19 Rx3
Nick T0
David G20:30 Rx3
Ryan S18:16 Rx3
Ben Ba19:02 Rx
Nichole12:05 Rx2
Lara19:42 Rx3
Lauren K6:30am...3 2 1 GO!
The 4-1-1

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